Posted on: 06 December 2020

Troubleshooting most common issues with your Chromebook

Troubleshooting most common issues with your Chromebook

With the advancement in technology, the electronics and software industry has evolved unprecedentedly. Today, we have numerous options for even the smallest of devices and gadgets. So, why not for operating systems? With the introduction of iOS and Microsoft Windows, several companies have tried to sail along with them but to no avail. Android is the only operating system for mobile devices that has not just stayed in the race, but on many occasions has led it too.

Currently, there is another OS in the market, on which everyone has their eyes on. It is the Chromebook OS from Google. Just having been developed by Google, makes it a big hit. But Chromebook OS apart from its brand name is also fast, efficient and competitive.

Though the OS is very advanced in itself, there might be some common issues that can bother you.

But don’t worry, we are here to troubleshoot most of them for you-

OS is not performing

On some odd days, different application software can interfere with the normal functioning of the OS. As a result, your OS may behave erratically and can show a poor performance than expected. One of the best solutions is to restart your computer and see if the problem still persists. If the performance is up, Congratulations! Else try to upgrade your OS. To do this go to the settings -> About Chrome OS -> Check for Updates.

OS is crashing more often

It can be seen if the OS files have some issues, the computer restarts on its own quite frequently. As a precaution, you should always check the updates, but in case you still face such issues, we would suggest you to recover your OS completely.

Tip- Make a backup of your data regularly, so that you can easily retrieve your essential documents after OS recovery.

Browser is taking time

Many times, you might download chrome extensions that can interfere with your browser’s activity. The best thing to do is whenever you encounter such problems, delete the immediate last extensions that you have installed. If the browser still takes time to load, ensure to remove all extensions and delete browser data completely.

Another reason for slow browser is the high number of tabs. The larger the number of tabs, the more the memory will be utilized. As the memory is limited, the browser will start lagging as a consequence of a huge number of tabs. Close the unwanted tabs and see if it works for you.

Tip- Note down your saved user id and passwords before deleting browser’s data for future references.

Many issues can quickly be resolved by restarting your PC, removing the suspicious extension, and updating the Operating System. In case your concern is still not resolved, try to look for the exact problem on the internet and follow the steps mentioned on reliable websites.

If you are unable to find solutions on your own, don’t worry. Contact us at Upgrade Stations, to get your Chromebook repaired for physical as well as software damages immediately. Our professionals are just a call away.