Posted on: 06 December 2020

Top tips to reuse your old iPad

Top tips to reuse your old iPad

Commonly your iPad is rendered as waste whenever the technology gets upgraded. Have you ever wondered- what else can you do with your old iPad that is rusting in your closet for years now?

Don’t worry; just put on your imaginative hat and allow us to provide several innovative ideas to reuse your iPad efficiently.

Finding the truth- Dashcam

When it comes to insurance claims, many agencies mold the truth according to their advantage and turn down your requests. But if you have a camera attached to your dashboard recording the incident, you may have the proof to claim the insurance rightfully. Just take care of the regulations before installing the iPad onto your dashboard.

Closed-circuit television camera

When currently our society is facing so many criminal offences, we would not want to become a victim of one such case. Most of us don’t think of installing CCTV in our home, but what if the camera comes for free. You can feel safe with your e-waste and use your old iPad as a CCTV camera.

Frame your memories- Digital photo frame

On occasions like marriage anniversary, you would want to make your partner feel loved. The best way to do this is by going back down the memory lane. You can quickly achieve it by displaying your beautiful old memories on a digital frame? For this search into that drawer where you keep your outdated electronics, upload the pictures on your old iPad and keep it on the table on the side of your partner’s bed. And the next morning it will be an excellent surprise for your loved one. The smile on their face will be worth more than anything in this world.

Replace the massive hard wounds- Digital book

With so many online ebook stores like Amazon Kindle, your kids have ample options to bite their teeth into a plethora of knowledge. These services need a digital device, and that is it, Congratulations! You have thousands of books in one device that was rusting in the closet until now. And if you are worried about the eyes of your child, Apple makes some of the best displays in the world. Still, we would recommend you to know the safe usage time and optimum display settings.

Extreme conditions victim

If you love adventure sports and trekking, you would never dream of taking your newly bought iPad to your next trip. We all know the risks involved in these activities for our electronic devices. Therefore it is suggested you bring your old iPad into play. If it gets damaged, you have nothing to lose. After all, it was just a waste for you.

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