Posted on: 06 December 2020

Laptop or Tablet: Which one is better for you?

Laptop or Tablet: Which one is better for you?

More than a decade ago, Steve Jobs (Founder- Apple Inc.) added a new electronic device to our arsenal to boost creativity. He solidified his legacy a little more by unveiling the concept of a powerful hand-held electronic device known as iPad. Various computer manufacturing companies tried to visualize Job’s idea by introducing their own similar devices into the market. These devices, famously known as tablets, quickly got famous with artists, vloggers, bloggers, and many more creators.

Now, the question arises- How well do they perform against traditional laptops and computers?

The solution is not that very simple, and it solely depends on your usage and habits. We know choices become easy when you have enough pros and cons to compare the two absolutely best things.

Allow us to be the catalyst of your decision

Who is on an electronic-diet

For most travelers, luggage is an unwanted hassle. If you are one of the outgoing people who like to feel the sunshine, you would always want to choose a tablet. When it comes to the portability of the computers, tablets win the voting with an absolute majority. Tablets are lighter and less bulkier as compared to a laptop. They can weigh anywhere around 300 to 800 grams that feels like nothing in front of a laptop's weight, which is around 2 to 4 kg. Also, tablets occupy considerably lesser space in your backpack.

Bigger is better; think again

When you compare the screen of an average tablet with that of laptops, it surely loses the size fight. Commonly people tend to purchase laptops for their massive screens of 15-17 inches. But is it worth it? As the tablets are smaller in size, they have better picture quality for the same resolution videos than the laptops. A 1080p video will look sharper and less pixelated on the tablet in contrast to the laptop.

Further, you can purchase the cheapest tablets for around $50 while you will have to pay $150 for a cheap laptop. But it certainly doesn’t mean that the laptop’s size is its disadvantage. We all like to watch a movie in theaters as massive screen sizes give a more immersive experience. Hence, you must choose wisely between the budget and the experience.

Turtle never wins

When it comes to the processing unit, the faster, the better. Tablets derive their power from ARM processing units. These units are made to work effectively on lesser power. Also, ARM units emit little heat in comparison to the modern processors used in laptops.

On the other hand, processing units installed in the laptops are more detail-oriented. They derive more power from the battery or direct supply and certainly have a better output. If you use a heavy software or your work involves frequent video editing, make sure to get yourself a decent laptop with highly advanced hardware and a processing unit.

A true gamer will never compromise with the performance.

Store my stuff

Let us start with- the portable devices are portable because of the small hardware they carry. With technological advancements, we have access to large storing spaces. But utilizing the same tech, how can a bigger device have lesser storage in the similar price range? Commonly tablets are made with the versions to store 32, 64, or 128 GB of data. Whereas a standard laptop today can easily store 500GB of data. Also, the expandable memories in laptops have better space and performance than the ones available for tablets. Therefore ensure to get your hands on a laptop having at least 1 TB storage if you are a hardcore gamer and a streamer.

What is left?

Tablet hands down will always have a better camera than a standard laptop in the comparable price range. Most of the vloggers use tablets and their mobile phones to shoot their professional videos, but seeing someone doing that with their laptops will be a sight to watch.

Another surprisingly favorable factor that makes the tablet a truly portable device is its battery life. A tablet’s battery can, without any difficulty, last for 8-12 hours, while standard laptops can’t survive for more than 5 hours on its battery alone.

Final thoughts

Everything in this world has its flaws and advantages over the other. It is the user who has to decide which device will best suit their requirements. So we wish you to make your purchase worthwhile. Assess your needs before making the final decision.