Upgrade Stations understands the various challenges an electronic device can face. That’s why, with thoughtful contemplation and research, we have come up with a robust catalog of repair services for almost all kinds of electronic equipment. Here are some of the major repair services we offer for the most sought-out (and damaged) devices.


Computers are a powerful tool that has helped data storage, communication, calculations, and many other complicated processes become simpler. Even in our personal realm, entertainment and archiving old memories is the least a computer does, let alone its role in education in recent times. Considering this, we have many repair services that would make your PCs and Laptops go on and on without any roadblocks.


Portability and connectivity at once, smartphones have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. If they malfunction or suffer damage, it would also hinder our daily functionality. That’s why Upgrade Stations take utmost care while handling your precious phones. Here are some of the most frequent repairs we perform on damaged phones:


Tablets combine the power of a computer with the portability and ease of a smartphone. Larger display, greater storage, and longer battery life, along with lighter weight and simple user-interface, make tablets a must-have addition to your electronic items. To make sure you get an uninterrupted, enhanced experience with your tablets, here’s what we can do to help:

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