Posted on: 09 December 2020

How to buy Apple products at a lower price

How to buy Apple products at a lower price

Good things don’t come cheap. Apple is one of the best examples to prove this right. We all are at least aware of Apple Inc. But if you ask an Apple enthusiast, you will hear a compelling story. People don’t just buy Apple for its excellent performance, quality and design, but they buy years’ old story of a young Reed College dropout and his vision.

Steve Jobs successfully tried to visualize the concept of a personal computer as a common thing. The budget was the first thing that stopped a typical family guy from purchasing his own computer. And Apple made it a reality. They brought down the prices of a computer with ‘Apple I’ so that anyone can afford it. A budget-oriented company always caters to its core people even when it evolves into a success. The same is the case with Apple. Apple runs various discount programs on its refurbished and open-box products.

Refurbishment- the definition

Refurbishment in literal terms means renovation or redecoration of a thing. Used products find their way to the nearest dumping grounds, but when you choose a recycler, it goes to refurbishment facilities. The product goes through a standardized set of processes to renovate it to the mint condition. The device is cleaned inside-out, any damaged parts are replaced with the new OEMs, the software is uploaded, the final test is performed, and it is repackaged.

An open-box or refurbished item

Don’t confuse the open box with the refurbished item. In the open box sale of an Apple product, you would only be buying a device that has been opened before. These devices can be returned to the retailer for several reasons like- not needed, broken by the customer, color is not as expected, etc. If the device is broken or damaged by the customer, you would not want to buy an open-box item in a sale of any kind.

Whereas many retailers send open-box devices to authorized refurbishment facilities. These facilities will scrutinize and repair the device as per the Apple standards and provide a seal on the box again. These repaired devices will then be sold under the refurbished banner in the market. When the devices are refurbished from authorized centers, they get a year warranty just as any regular Apple device. You also get the Apple care benefits along with the purchase warranty of refurbished Macs.

Discount on the Discount

Apple runs trade-in programs to further its recycling schemes and projects. You can utilize these schemes and sell your old devices back to Apple and get a massive discount on the purchase of already discounted refurbished electronics. It is always a total victory when you get rid of your waste and also earn money for it or purchase another technologically advanced product for it.

Where to Buy from

You can either go to the online Apple store to look for refurbished products or can buy it from authorized refurbishing centers.